Well Construction & Completion

Increased options to minimize time to recovery

The Subsea Services Alliance provides specifically designed Helix vessels with Schlumberger services and technologies, including OneSubsea production systems, subsea well access packages, and control systems to perform well construction and completion operations formerly conducted solely from rigs.

By positioning well technologies for greater onsite access, offshore drilling managers gain greater operational flexibility and more options for decreasing time to production.


Well construction and completion capabilities

  • Well control services
  • Geotechnical coring services
  • Openwater completions
  • Tophole and extended tophole drilling
  • Subsea landing string operations
  • Intervention workover control systems (IWOCS)
  • ROV support
  • ESP installations
Workers inspecting equipment

Ensured efficiency

The combined equipment and services offered by the Alliance covers operations from the initial well construction to landing the high-pressure wellhead housing. This includes applications that call for full drilling and fluids services and the handling of casing and tubulars. And, when an upper completion conveyance in openwater is necessary, the Subsea Services Alliance can supply vessels that can eliminate this complex task from the drilling rig schedule.

Increased operational flexibility

Traditional services such as landing strings, IWOCS, and ROV support are available individually or in packaged operational designs. By tailoring equipment and services to specific operations, such as extended tophole drilling, openwater completions, and ESP installations, the Subsea Services Alliance minimizes interfaces and contracting issues while enhancing field development.

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