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Subsea Intervention Lubricator

Efficient and cost-effective riserless intervention and abandonment solutions on wireline and slickline for subsea wells to 10,000-ft water depth

Subsea Intervention Lubricator (SIL)

Our 7 3/8-in subsea intervention lubricator (SIL) enables single-trip deployment of toolstrings up to and longer than 72 ft [22 m] by providing industry-leading tractor and conveyance options in high-deviation wells. It also enables longer gun runs for perforating.

Compared with a drilling rig, the SIL provides a potential cost savings of 40% to 60%  by greatly reducing mobilization time for life-of-well operations, including wireline and slickline logging, light perforating, zone isolation, plug setting and removal, and decommissioning.

Subsea Intervention Lubricator (SIL)