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Subsurface Intervention: The Right Tools for Every Job

Comprehensive portfolio leveraging cutting-edge, live-data-driven, and powered technologies to maximize asset performance

MaxPull High-pull wireline conveyance system

Efficient and compact reservoir performance solutions to remove production bottlenecks

With our global presence, local footprint, and the most comprehensive family of intervention technologies in the industry, we deliver holistic intervention solutions that maximize your subsea asset's performance and reduce total cost of production per barrel. Continuous improvements—including more than a decade of digital enablement and automation—expand operating envelopes and reliably address your well challenge with higher efficiency, greater accuracy, and deeper insights. Benefit from a single point of contact for interventions with reduced cost, risk, and environmental impact.

Intervention: Subsea Services Alliance leverages Schlumberger intervention services to your benefit: a combination of the best production and intervention technologies together with the most experienced team of subject matter and field experts. Whether your intervention challenge involves perforating, production management, surveillance, or mechanical operations, we have the technology and expert service to efficiently address it.

Stimulation: Our portfolio includes hydraulic fracturing, matrix acidizing, and sand management services (fluids and pumping). With dedicated, purpose-built stimulation vessels as well as skid-based pumping services, we have the flexibility to support interventions ranging from small to high-volume, complex multistage treatments.

Lowering CO2 emissions

Complex subsea interventions require efficient and secure integrated approaches with a focus on reducing CO2 emissions. Rigless interventions are an effective way to achieve these goals at a reduced cost per intervention. Compact, modular, and reliable surface equipment is powered by a complete digital ecosystem that connects the field with the office.

With equipment designed and proven to meet the highest oil and gas industry standards, we can handle the most challenging subsea environments, including

  • high-pressure and high-temperature conditions
  • sour and corrosive fluids
  • extended-reach well configurations.

Data is delivered either in memory mode or via real-time telemetry using digital slickline services, wireline for diagnostic and surveillance tools and powered intervention services, or real-time downhole coiled tubing services.

Contact our experts for recommendations of the most effective and efficient tools for your subsea well intervention.

Coiled Tubing Interventions

Coiled Tubing Services

  • Coiled tubing truck in the desert
    Coiled Tubing
    CT intervention tools and services

    Improve your well and reservoir performance. View

  • ACTive family of services illustration.
    Real-Time Downhole Measurements
    Real-time downhole coiled tubing services

    Improve intervention effectiveness with real-time downhole measurements. View

Slickline and Wireline Interventions

Slickline and Wireline

  • Wireline Cased Hole
    Slickline & wireline interventions
    Completion, workover, and production intervention services with data acquisition options.

    Dynamically monitor and control downhole operations. View

Well Testing

Well Testing

  • Extended Well Tests
    Extended Well Tests
    Understand reservoir potential to reduce your risks

    Evaluate productivity and test sand-control techniques and process- and production-related technologies to better characterize your reservoir. View

  • Modular Compact Well Test System
    Modular Compact Well Test System
    Achieve your well test objectives with a minimized footprint

    Simplify the sea fastening process with optimized packaging and a state-of-the-art locking system. View

Production Services

Production Services

  • Stimulation operations.
    Fracturing, acidizing, and water control treatments

    Restore or enhance your well’s productivity with hydraulic fracturing, matrix stimulation, or water conformance services engineered for your reservoir and formation. View

  • Scale inhibitors in lab
    Carbonate scale dissolver

    Effectively remove oilfield scales without severely corroding tubulars and downhole completion equipment. View

  • Jetblaster nozzle.
    Jet Blaster
    Engineered high-pressure jetting service

    Perform wellbore cleanouts including sand lift, tubing-scale removal, sand screen cleaning, and near-wellborn skin removal. View