Well Enhancer

DP Class 3 monohull vessel supports coiled tubing subsea well intervention and saturation diving

Year built
433 ft
Overall length
persons accommodated
metric ton main crane
23-ft × 23-ft [7-m × 7-m] moonpool
Traveling block rated to 150 metric tons in passive mode
18-person saturation diving spread rated to 1,000 ft [300 m]

Custom-designed, dynamically positioned well intervention and saturation diving vessel

Key features of the UK-registered Well Enhancer include a 150-metric-ton multipurpose tower (over a moonpool) used for subsea well operations and a customized coiled tubing spread located in a generous deck space. The vessel also features kill pumps and a main crane.

The custom design and vessel capabilities minimize production downtime and enable cost-effective well maintenance, production enhancement, and well abandonment solutions. With 11,840 ft2 [1,100 m2] of main deck space and off-loading capability, the vessel can also perform a range of well testing and production flowback services.

The Well Enhancer’s saturation diving spread, in combination with the vessel’s work- and observation-class ROVs, provides for full inspection, repair, and maintenance (IRM) and light construction services

Well Enhancer: DP3 monohull vessel for coiled tubing subsea well intervention and saturation diving