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Riserless Open-Water Abandonment Module

Environmentally aligned production tubing removal in open water

The riserless open-water abandonment module (ROAM) underwater

The riserless open-water abandonment module (ROAM) is our proprietary solution for environmentally compliant removal of production tubing in open water.

When run as a complement to the intervention riser system (IRS) or subsea intervention lubricator (SIL), ROAM enables capturing contaminants or gas within the system and circulating them back to the high-security handling systems onboard the vessel. This proven approach delivers high confidence that nothing unwanted is released into the environment.

The 18 3/4-in fullbore ID enables pulling tubing hangers through the ROAM to surface.

Operational safety is further enhanced by the two ROAM barriers capable of shearing and sealing landing strings and production tubing that will pass through the system during recovery.

The riserless open-water abandonment module (ROAM) being lowered into the ocean
Maximum bore diameter 18 3/4 in; 2-in circulation line
Maximum working pressure 10,000 psi [68.9 MPa]
Maximum working depth 10,000 ft [3,000 m]
Hydraulics operating pressure 3,000 psi [20.7 MPa]; 5,000-psi [34.5-MPa] subsea accumulation
Weight 250,000 lbm [113,000 kg]
Well barrier type One 10,000-psi annular BOP
Two 10,000-psi DVS rams
Two 10,000-psi 2-in fail-as-is valves