Q7000 North Sea Subsea Well Vessel | Subsea Services Alliance


DP3 advanced semisubmersible facilitates riser-based subsea well intervention, including in North Sea environments

The Helix Q7000 DP3 semisubmersible at sea
Year built
CAP 437
(V7) helideck, S-92 and S-61N
persons accommodated, global/UK North Sea
Operating water depth: 85 to 3,000 m [279 to 9,842 ft ]
Variable deck load capacity of approximately 3,000 metric tons in addition to well intervention and service fluids

The Helix Q7000 DP3 semisubmersible performs through-riser well intervention and decommissioning operations, using the Helix-designed intervention riser system (IRS), which features an innovative high-angle disconnect system.

With its open deck plan and triaxial configuration, the Q7000 is capable of a wide range of production enhancement operations, in addition to well cleanup and field development support. It is equally optimized for well decommissioning activities, including suspension, tubing removal, tree recovery, and seafloor clearance.

A sophisticated 600-metric-ton well intervention tower with both active and passive heave compensation is located on the upper deck. The large flush deck features a skidding system for well intervention support equipment and tubulars storage.

Below deck are twin work-class ROV systems, bulk fluids storage, and pumping systems.

Q7000 DP3 Advanced Semisubmersible
Facilitates well intervention in North Sea environments