Technical Papers

With the combined experience of the Subsea Services Alliance's companies, many papers have been presented on their experience in the intervention and life-of-field services realm. To purchase these papers, please visit

Technical presentations

Subsea Well Intervention: Subsea Intervention: The Balance of Effectiveness, Risk and Cost
Hurzeler, Kurt Lee, Well Ops, A Helix Company
OTC Conference Paper – 2010

Rigless Intervention: Case Studies, UK and Africa
Bosworth, Phillip, Helix Well Ops; Willis, Oliver, Helix Well Ops Uk Ltd
Conference Paper – 2013

Light Well Intervention Using Conventional Slickline and Electric Line off the East Coast of Canada
Loov, R., SchlumbergerLocken, D., SchlumbergerMcInnes, N., Suncor Energy; Chippett, E., Suncor Energy
Conference Paper – 2015

Survivability Risk Assessment During Hydrocarbon-Related Accident Events For Subsea Well Intervention Operations
From Smaller Non-Drilling Ship-Shaped Vessels

Royes, Fleur, Schlumberger
Conference Paper – 2010

Combining Elastic and Plastic Fatigue Damage in Steel Pipelines, Risers, and Coiled Tubing
Bridge, Christopher, Schlumberger Surveillance
Journal Paper – 2012

Representative Subsea Sampling: A Key Enabler for Flow Assurance and Better Metering Uncertainty
Pinguet, Bruno, OneSubseaTheron, Bernard, SchlumbergerLeong, Yit Seng, OneSubsea
IPTC Conference Paper - 2014

Subsea Well Fluid Intervention Using MARS (Multiple Application Reinjection System) 
Petrone, Daniele, Cameron
146267-MS SPE Conference Paper – 2011

Ultra-Deepwater Blowout Well Control and Abandonment Operations Through Relief Well Under Capping and Containment Scenario After Worst Case Discharge
Terra, F.; Lage, A.; Yoiti, T.; Yuan, Z.; Bueno, D.
OTC-26245-MS - 2015

Autonomous Marine Vehicle: A Cost Effective Technology to Manage Risk in Exploration and Production
Pai, Sudhir
Society of Petroleum Engineers – 2015

Coiled Tubing Operations on a Multi-Service Vessel for Deep Water Well Interventions in the Gulf of Mexico: A Decade of Experience
Rudnik, Alexander; Torres, Carlos Alberto; Ottolina, Renny Alexis; Rourke, Jonathan; Barber, David
Society of Petroleum Engineers – 2014

Beyond Logging: Slickline Operations Can Now Provide a More Efficient and Cost Effective Alternative to Traditional Intervention Operations
Loov, R.; Billingham, M.
SPE-168292-MS 2014

Evolution of Coiled Tubing Industry in Offshore Mexico over the Last Decade
Perez, Jose del Carmen; Lopez, Josue; Martinez, Arturo; Solis, Ulises; Deolarte, Carlos; Huerta, Juan Martin; Franco, Ernesto; Hernandez, Daniel; Najera, Raul; Hobson, Bruce; Molero, Nestor; Marin, Marlon
-168231-MS – 2014

Case Study: Surface-controlled Formation Isolation Valves and Their Application as a Barrier for Temporary Well Suspension
Thai, Dan; Guven, Oguzhan; Mendonca, Joao
OTC-23997-MS – 2013

Unlocking Wellbore Access Through Coiled Tubing: Confronting Well Intervention Limitations in Deepwater Completions and a Semisubmersible Rig
Mohd Shariff, Mohd Firdaus; Reinaldo Hutabarat, Anthony; Wong, Jon; Abun, TZarina
SPE-163885-MS 2013

Intelligent Well Completion in the Kitan Oil Field
Yokote, Ryosuke; Milne, John; Sanasi, Carla; Hosatte, Pierre; Mukashev, Nurtas; Chadha, Nishant
SPE-158463-MS – 2012

Acid Stimulation by Bull-heading and Back-production: The Bonga Experience
Okoh, Ehimhen; Olatunbosun, Olugbenga; Ogunsina, Oluseye; Uche, Enor; Eta, Kingsley; Oduola, Lukman; Beldongar, Maye
SPE-162952-MS – 2012

Midstream & Subsea Pipeline Condition Monitoring
El Hares, Layla; Strong, Andrew Peter; Le Stanc, Patrick
OTC-21767-MS – 2011

Well Interventions to Comply with the Upgraded Safety Code in a Maturing Field
Qadmani, Marwan Ahmad; Lin, Wei
SPE-148502-MS – 2011

Implementation of Customized Algorithms Extends Downhole Flowmeter Application in Two-Phase Oil/Gas Flow: A Subsea North Sea Case Study
Kiryushkina, Tatiana; Sikandar, Ali Shahbaz; Figueroa, Martin Rafael; Vasper, Adam Charles; Balster, Emmanuel Philippe; Eck, Joseph Albert
SPE-143743-MS – 2011

Subsea Well Intervention: Development of a Deepwater Subsea Well Intervention Package Control System
Nellessen, Peter
OTC-20438-MS – 2010

Subsea Well Intervention: Spoolable Compliant Guide: A Solution for Well Intervention
Bridge, Christopher
OTC-20416-MS – 2010

Subsea-Pipeline Intervention With Coiled Tubing From a Supply Vessel
Pepin, Alexandre; Spadaro, Angelo
SPE-121491-MS – 2009

Applying Well Remediation Techniques to Subsea Flowlines in Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
Hudson, Lisa Ann; Bowen, Gregor Jon; Breithaupt, Truman A.
SPE-121461-MS – 2009

Deepwater Completion Designs: A Review of Current Best Practices
Ceccarelli, Tomaso U.; Albino, Eduardo Henrique; Watson, Graham M.; Deffieux, Damien
SPE-122518-MS – 2009

Effective Approach for CT Interventions on Inaccessible Offshore Platforms in the North Sea
Cochran, Jamie; Petrone, Daniele; Clubb, Alexander; Greig, Scott
SPE-113895-MS – 2008

Optimizing Wireline Gun System Design and Perforating Performance for Very Late Changes in a Gulf of Mexico HPHT Deepwater Well
Sabbagh, Lou; Blalock, Douglas P.; Melvan, Joseph J.; Leung, Hong
SPE-113727-MS – 2008

World’s First Combined Acid Stimulation of Horizontal Openhole Gravel-Pack Application of Coiled Tubing, Dynamically Positioned Vessel, and Floating Production, Storage, and Offloading, Offshore Brazil
Bogaert, Philip Johan; Cavazzoli, Gustavo Dario; Perez, Daniel Rafael; Lungwitz, Bernhard R.; Guimaraes De Carvalho, Cesar Roberto; Trummer, Sascha Ayres
SPE-106546-MS – 2007

The Evolution of a TAML-4 Multilateral System to Meet the Challenges of a BP Deepwater Subsea Well
Horne, Ken; Allam, Robert David; Glaser, Mark Christopher; Chandler, Peter; Scharf, Thilo Steffen
SPE-108167-MS; 2007

Overcoming Environmental Challenges Using Innovative Approach Of Dynamic Underbalance Perforating
Mishra, Vinay Kumar; Wells, Brian H.; Baxter, Dennis; McCausland, Harold
SPE-108167-MS – 2007

Vortex-Induced Vibration of Tubings and Pipings With Nonlinear Geometry
Adnan, Sarmad; Chen, Y.C.; Chen, Philip
SPE-100173-MS – 2006

Design and Implementation of a High Rate Acid Stimulation through a Subsea Intelligent Completion
Bellarby, Jonathan E.; Denholm, Allan; Grose, Trevor; Norris, Mark; Stewart, Adrian
SPE-83950-MS – 2003

Canyon Express: Design and Experience on High-Rate Deepwater Gas Producers Using Frac-Pack and Intelligent Well Completion Systems
Piedras, J.; Stimatz, G.P.; Nielsen, V.B. Jackson; Watson, G.M.
OTC-15094-MS – 2003

Remotely Controlled In-Situ Gas Lift on the Norne Subsea Field
Al-Kasim, Ferid T.; Synove, Tevik; Jakobsen, Knut Arne; Tang, Yula; Jalali, Y.
SPE-77660-MS – 2002

New Topside Solutions For Coiled Tubing Floater Operations

Furberg, Snorre; Wilson, Stuart; Saelensminde, Thor; Lode, Jan Eric; Myklebust, Jens
SPE-74813-MS – 2002

Multi-Service Vessels for Deepwater Subsea Well Interventions
Scott, R.A. Andy
OTC-12947-MS – 2001

Pipeline Intervention From a Dynamically Positioned Mono-Hull Vessel via a Flexible Riser

Alsyed, Samih M.; Larsen, Henrik A.; Johnston, Paul; Schaider, Fred J.; Lounsbury, Jack; Smith, Jeffrey J.
SPE-60728-MS – 2000

Multipurpose Service Vessels: Conception, Design, and Well Intervention Operations

Galbrun, Michel
SPE-52859-MS – 1999

Reservoir Monitoring and Wireline Logging in Subsea Wells

Lilley, I.J.; Douglas, A.A.; Muir, K.R.; Robinson, E.
SPE-18357-MS – 1988

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