Installation & Well Commissioning

Minimizes operational footprint and overhead

Combining the landing string, intervention workover control systems (IWOCS), and hydraulic power units into a single configuration enables the Subsea Services Alliance to install offshore wells using drilling rigs for marine support. This space-saving well installation model also uses cross-trained personnel to operate the in-riser tools and the IWOCs, which lowers the number of personnel onsite. Optionally, the drilling rig can be eliminated from the need to provide tree installation support, and Helix can deploy vessels and associated ROV support with tooling and interface management to cost-effectively complete this process.

Operational budget management

For well commissioning, including flowback, the Subsea Services Alliance can provide rental riser systems to reduce the capex required to bring wells onstream. Another option to reduce commissioning capex can be found in the seamless interface of Helix vessels with Schlumberger services and technologies, including OneSubsea. Offline from the drilling rig, these three commissioning resources ensure operations are conducted with an emphasis on safety and efficiency for what is traditionally a complex undertaking involving numerous suppliers.

Installation and well commissioning capabilities

  • Subsea landing string services
  • Tree installation
  • Riserless and riser-based intervention systems
  • Well flowback and cleanup
  • Subsea construction
  • ROV support
  • Trenching
  • Tooling
Subsea tree installation

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